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tv   News  ABC  February 20, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." the state of a -- fate of a former university of virginia lacrosse player's fate is in the hand of a jury. [ music ] ♪ >> emotional farewell as loved ones say bye to whitney houston. and the weekend avalanche in washington state kills three people. we will take you there on this monday, february 20th. thanks for joining us. good morning maryland i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson and happy president's day. many people got the day off. hopefully to have a repeat of the weather from friday and saturday. >> saturday it was gorgeous. now over to meteorologistlynette charles to see what we are in store for. >> we have at cloud out there this morning. but we will get lots of sunshine moving in as we go into afternoon. this morning, though, we are dealing with some very chilly conditions because we do have
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the wind out there. so, when we break down the temperatures we look at weather bug sites and we can see temperatures at 30 in towson the bel air around 34. and yorkville at 28. and rock hall 32. and a low 30s in the chestertown and also centerville. but here are the current wind. see them out of the north at 7 miles an hour in bel air. arnold right around 10. and so it makes it feel like everybody basically is in the 20s this morning. 20 in northville and that's what it feels like right now. all right. let's check of your traffic with angela. good morning. you've had a easy day huh? >> good -- >> reporter: good morning. it has been fairly easy. an earlier accident on the bellway -- beltway. but we have reports of one area of congestion northbound route 10234 glen burnie between 695 the accident is off to the side. but folks taking their time getting by using extra caution. we are free and clear for the most part on our major roadways. here's i-95. this is just north of the
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beltway. south of caton avenue. we are moving very well here. and a live look at traffic on i- 95 in the city for those of you this is just north of o'donnell street should be a breeze. make your way to the harbor tunnel and a check of the drive times we are on holiday travel. no delays to report on the beltway. top side from bel air to providence 6 minutes and 7 minutes on the west side from 795 to i-70. back over to you. >> 6:32. the trial of a former antive virginia lacrosse player george huguely accused killing his ex- girlfriend continues on wednesday. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with the twists in the case and what happens next. >> reporter: yes, it's been a very difficult and emotional trial for a lot of people. jury is expected to get to thiscase on wednesday. the defense and prosecution rested saturday in the murder trial of george huguely who chose not to take the stand in his defense in this trial. the jury that will decide the fate must dissect the death of the huguely's former girlfriend
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yeardley love. the task is to determine if he intended to kill her in may of 2010 when he' midst he had a heated and physical encounter in her bedroom. trial watchers have been riveted to the case and it brought jurors and the prosecutors to tears. med k58 experts offer -- medical experts offer two different ways she died. defense attorneys say love was drunk and suffocated in her pillow. >> the jury will have to really think about everything that they heard. >> can you tell us how you think she died. >> oxygen -- she suffocated. >> not blunt force trauma is all i can tell you. >> the huguely trial was close to everyone at uva's hearts because of how much everyone loved yeardley love. >> reporter: again no testimony today because of the holiday. the trial resumes on wednesday. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 6:33.
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pop tar whitney hiewft -- pop star whitney houston was buried yesterday next to her father whodied in 2003. fans gathered outside the cemetery paying their he respects. >> we love her. she will always be in our hearts. we lost an angel. >> sometimes we want to understand why. you want to question the reason why but you know, god knows best. >> here's memory of the funeral service at her hometown church in newark saturday. she was found dead february 11th in a beverly hills hotel room. the cause of death is unknown. well a. collision over at northern california last night it was a small airplane and a helicopter. apparently it clipped one another and both aircraft were forced to make emergency landings. the two pilots had minor injuries. no word on what caused the accident. the faa and national transportation safety board are investigating. a dangerous situation in san francisco. look at this. a storage box containing 6 tons of steel dangel from a
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skyscraper -- dangling from a sky scrape over a busy street a crane was lift lifting the box when the crane malfunctioned. when the crane failed the storage boxes were left danglingnear the 50th noor. two people were rescued from a burning home thanks to a good samaritan. it was caught on camera. a man who owns a convenience store across the street saw the house catch fire and rushed in to help. almost no hesitation he runs right inside the burning home like we said all caught on camera. >> we are very grateful for what he he did he saved our family. >> i am not hero. i am a guy who came to help, you know. >> and investigators believe the fire started on the front porch at that home. the cause is under investigation. a suspected beef burglar in orlando caught on camera. surveillance video shows the man jumping through a hole in the roof of the family's
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supermarket. he grabs packages of meat and toss hem into the hole he created to break in. the store manager recognized the crook as someone from the neighborhood. he got away with about 75 dollars worth of food and caused about 500 dollars worth of damage. this morning, jar any lin speak about about an offensive headline about him. espn fired the employee who wrote it and the anchor ha ho used the ethnic slur has been suspended according to the sportsnet work. the espn headline was up for 35 minutes before being removed. reaction from the knicks star let's listen. >> espn apologized and there's no -- i don't think it was you know on purpose or whatever, but, you know, at the same time they apologized and from my end i don't care anymore. you know. it's to learn to forgive and i don't think it was intentional or hopefully not.
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>> the star of the taiwan ease decent turned into a global brand called linsanity. >> are you a fine? >> he's nice guy and it's been so much fun to watch. >> take him home to meet mom. >> i took someone home. >> you have the rob thing. >> my husband. all right stay with us. gas prices remain high. and they say there's no sign of letting down. >> we will look closer at this and let you know what's causing the spike. also, just how high the prices could go. and a new app is making road repairs easier for a u.s. city. we will tell you where 3q
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boston launching a pilot program android app called street bump. when you hit a pothole in your car or truck, the app registers
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it and sent the gps coordinates. over the past month gas prices have soared about 18 cents a gallon and might get worse. economists predict the national average could reach $5 pi memorial day and a concern that could make matters worse. iran halting exports to france and brintin for the sanctions over their -- britain over the sanctions over their nuclear programs. your abc2 news to go. this is what we are working on. >> reporter: new developments after a teen was hit and killed over the weekend. what police say contributed to the death. and we are learning this morning about the deadly avalanche at a popular washington ski resort. i am linda so. what some skiers were wearing that helped them survive. and it feels like we are in the 20s this morning. but a warmup on the way. details coming. no troubles on the baltimore beltway but a new accident in carroll county. we will let you know how it
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will impact monday morning drive.
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monday morning 6:44. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley vow crowson. we begin with meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. yes, we have clouds out there this morning. and across the area, but we don't have any precipitation. you will have to head to the south to get some of that. but now that's starting to move offshore as well. so things will clear out nicely as we go through is this afternoon. this morning we are cold. temperatures live to be above average but once you add in the gusts up to about 24 miles an hour in columbia, darlington coming in around 18 and 16 in mount airy feels like we are in the 20s across the board here. so speaking about across the board, hour by hour today, by lunchtime, right around 44 degrees with lots of sunshine. and that will continue as we go into 4 p.m. 48 degrees. the temperatures are above average. let's check the traffic with and l.a. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning everyone. new accident that's going to impact drive of those coming from this carroll county and howard county.
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route 27 ridge road shut down in both directions with the accident. it's going to be between i-70 baltimore national pike and watersfield road. i suggest woodbine instead of ridge road to a get you around the situation. a little closer to home, we are good to go on i-95. all lanes moving well all the way from bel air down to the top side of the beltway. and if you are traveling on the harrisburg expressway same story here. no troubles to report or delays making the drive throughcockeysville from parkton to the top side of 695. new developments in the death of a parkville middle school student. michael truluck opened the door of a car he was riding in when he got sick and he fell out and was hit and killed. and sherrie johnson is standing by with much more on the story. that's not sherrie but that's linda let's go to sherrie. >> reporter: that's right. we learned through the teen's mother that the 13-year-old was drinking a powerful combination of caffeine and alcohol.
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michael truluck's mom said he was drinking four loko before the accident. last night over a hundred teens gathered to remember their friend. michael died on saturday when baltimore county police say the car carrying michael was making a turn out of the auto zone park lot when he opened the passenger door to throw up and fell out and was hit and keeled by another car. his friends -- be killed about i another car. his friends can't believe he is gone. >> we came -- were you drinking? >> yes. we were being stupid and this is what happens when you be stupid. >> it's not cool to drink and to get high. accidents happen on the best intentions and i lost the only son i am ever going to have because they wanted to party. >> reporter: no charges will be filed again the driver who hit michael. he was a signed at parkville middle school and will be in touch with the school -- and we will be in touch with the
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school to see if grief counselors will go on hand when the students return to cues on tuesday. baltimore police are trying to find a suspect who stabbed a man. they found the man at the intersection of lombard and calhoun streets yesterday afternoon. he was suffering from a stab wiewn to the leg. the man died a short -- wound to the leg. the man died a short time later. police believe he was involved in a verbal dispute. anyone with information should call 410-396-2100. 6:48. now the latest on a avalanche aat a popular ski resort in washington state. linda so is standing by live with the details what have happened. linda. >> reporter: yeah, we learned the skiers were in several groups. they were all experienced and wearing the right equipment. we are told one wore an avalanche rescue system and helped her survive. some skiers fell as far as 2,000 feet in the deadly rush. the skiers were about 3 miles from the stevens pass ski resort in a designated out of
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bounds area but it was not closed and they were allowed to be there. the region has been hit with heavy snow over weekend and there was a very high avalanche danger on saturday. >> i know with a high avalanche danger i wouldn't be doing it, but, again, that's part of the thrill on this type of skiing. >> now in a separate incident a snow border was found dead in that same mountain range on sunday. linda so, abc2 news. officials say at least 40 people have frozen to death in one of the worst winters that has hit afghanistan including about 4 children happening in kabul. most of the victims were people who got away from fighting and were trying to stay in camps. medical expercent are experts are saying the -- experts are saying there's rise number in sex change operation. it raises earth cal concerns and some experts urge caution
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when treating kids with the drugs and hormones. a list has been released by online security provider norton showing baltimore is number 18 when it comes to cities with the highest risk of cyber crimes. the data looked at computers and mobile devices in every city and unsecured wi-fi hot spots. the five five cities is washington, d.c. number one. seattle, san francisco atlanta and boston. a new report says dc metro gave out a record number of tickets to passengers for drinking while traveling. almost all of the 1200 tickets issued from january through october of 2011 were for alcohol violations. officials say there were tickets -- tell ticket you for eating and drink while on the train. lawmakers are waiting to collect on slot machines approved more than 4 years ago. lawmakers say the state will have to expand on gambling in order to make more money. table games and washington area casino are needed to compete with neighboring states to make
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money needed for education and other needs. much of the competition comes from venues in delaware, west virginia and pennsylvania. it's president's day and that means adjustments for baltimore city and the area around it. all city buildings will be closed also. no bulk trash pickup and citizen drop off centers are closed. police head quarters will remain open and you may access the city offices if you need to pay your bills online. now if you have to go downtown as a reminder the meters are still in use. nine minutes away from seven. your chance to wine and dine at favorite restaurants is here. and it can be happening for 40 -- for under $40. annapolis restaurant week starts today and last until next sunday. over 40 restaurants have signed on this year for the first time ever. they have added breakfast into the mix. metropolitan kitchen and lounge and miss shirley's cafe will serve up breakfast for under 13. five things to know on this monday morning. former penn state coach jerry
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sandusky awaiting results after a request for specific documents from the prosecution. the defense is asking for identities and locations of the alleged victims and witnesses. jerry sandusky faces 52 criminal counts in the sexual abuse investigation. after an unexplained absence colbert report will resume production. comedy central aired repeat episodes because of unforeseen circumstances. stephen colbert has tweeted thanks for your thoughts and prayers. today is the final sales tax free holiday to buy appliances. best buys has thrown in sales and interest free plans. the week of mardi gras continues in new orleans and today you can expect a number of parades and parties throughout the city. all leading up to tuesday's big mardi gras parade finale. the traditional celebration leading up to the observation
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of lent. baltimore will be looking for a clear starting rotation for the pitchers since dealing gutherie to colorado. britton and johnson come in to spring suffering from injuries -- from injuries. time for a check of the forecast with lynette. >> let's talk about the temperatures this morning. yes, we are above average but seasonal. and we have winds and i will show you in a second. heading out and about, you need to bundle up. good morning towson around 29. let's go over towards the eastern shore where we are looking at temperatures in the 30s around northeast chestertown around 34 degrees and rock hall at 32 and more of the same in centerville. so temperatures basically in the 30s for the most part this morning. your temperatures. then we will throw in the winds. so let's choose reisterstown coming in 10-mile-an-hour wind from the north. glenwood around 10 and chestertown 10 and more of the sameinto rock hall. factor that in and temperatures are in the low 20sn reisterstown and we are feelinglike the teens in
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woodbine and glenwood. and 24 in rock hall and 26 in chestertown and northville feels like 23 and towson 23. so yes, you note drill. bundle up as you head out. the satellite and radar not doing a lot now. we are not picking up on a lot of stuff and not seeing the rain to the southern shore or snow. this is moving off now. southern part of the eastern shore as we are looking at that clearing line trying to move into the area as we go through the morning and the afternoon because high pressure is doing its thing trying to build in here. and we will start to feel that northerly breeze which we are doing. it will stay that way throughout the day. we have high pressure and low pressure and the difference between the two definitely keeping us on the windy side. future trend not picking up on a whole lot. lots of sunshine for today and maybe a few clouds as we go through tomorrow. but still dry. 48 degrees mostly sunny and breezy by tonight. the winds die down a bit and temperatures coming in around 28 degrees. and then tomorrow, 52, sun and
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clouds and a bit more mild but check out 7-day forecast for you because, again, we will see plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow and we have a chance for some wet weather to work et cetera way in here late wednesday into thursday. and check it out. 64, 60 i think you will like that. now we have a check of traffic. >> reporter: good morning. it's been quiet for the most part but we are starting to get busy with quite a few incidents and including one that is going impact the drive towards the -- towards the capital beltway. southbound 259bw parkway. southbound lanes closed between maryland 175 and maryland 32. got an overturned vehicle collision there. you may want to take 95 or even route 1 as your alternate. in the meantime, still dealing with the accident in glen burnie the northbound traffic on maryland 10 between the beltway very slow with the accident even though it's to the shoulder. this is what it's supposed to look like on a holiday. 695 at shawan road, but not the case on the top side of the
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beltway. all of a sudden we are seeing backups on the top side once you get past harford road. brake lights approaching perring parkway heading to providence road. >> all right. >> if you are off hope you enjoy your president's day. >> before we go this morning, quickly, a lot of people had complaints because we expected know. but from wednesday through friday you specified that it was still unclear as to where it would hit. >> exactly. >> explain how that works before we go. >> the bottom line is the track was the most important thing. so we were uncertain what the track and i said we probably wouldn't know the track until maybe friday night. and that's with we knew it and that's when it was forecasted for that storm to be a southerly storm. >> and at sam time baltimore and surrounding air yays had to get the roads ready in case it tracked north and that's why they treated the roads. >> better safe than sorry. >> exactly and that's what they are going to continue to do any time we have a forecast for that. they will treat the roads to prepare us just in case. >> hope that answers your
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questions from the past weekend. >> enjoy your weekend and the start of the workweek is on. have a good holiday. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games.
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